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Veterinary Hospital
Paw Sweet Paw | Spectrum

Paw Sweet Paw has a brand new, state-of-the-art Veterinary Hospital to take care of all of your pet's needs at our Spectrum location. From regular check-ups and vaccine updates to dental cleaning and complex surgeries, we are here for you and your pet.

Save on Meds & Food today!

Full Surgery suite
Laboratory tests and analysis
X-ray and Ultrasound
Vaccines & Fecal testing
Annual Check-ups
Dental cleaning & extractions

Wellness plans available
All services available for both dogs and cats

Click below to register/book your veterinary appointment, manage your pet's clinical history and much more

Annual Check-ups

Wet Kiss

Healthy puppies and kittens need a visit to the veterinarian twice a year - and all pets need an annual check-up to make sure they are looking great from tip to tail.

Wellness plans available for pets of all ages.


Cat getting a vaccine

We all know vaccines are a regular and much needed part of our pet's well-being. That is why we make it easy to schedule and quickly come in for vaccines.

Rabies $25  |  DHPP $25  |  Bordetella $25  |  Influenza $45  |

Fecal starting at $69 | FVRCP $41 | Lepto $25  |  Lyme $62  |  Rattlesnake $55

Dental Cleaning & Extractions

Golden Retriever getting a teeth cleaning

Dental Cleaning is needed to make sure your pet's doggy or kitty breath is minty fresh, but more importantly to prevent bacteria buildup that can cause serious infections and complications.

Multiple options available depending on specific needs.

Starting at $350

Surgeries and Advanced Services

Dog getting surgery

All services focused on the health and continued well-being of your pet are available:

- Spay/neuter and orthopedic surgery

- Mass examination and removal

- Laser, X-ray, Ultrasound and more

Please schedule a consultation so we can further advise you.

Veterinary Portal

Easily book an appointment, Manage your pet's medical records, make payments, manage medication plans & much more

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