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Whether at home your pet is a bubble of energy, enjoys chewing on things they really shouldn't, gets anxious and lonely when you're away or is a little on the shy-side, there are multiple reasons to come to daycare. 


We have pets that are with us multiple days a week and owners clearly see the confidence building, socialization skills, friendships fostered, learning and behavior improvements from coming to daycare.

Daycare at Paw Sweet Paw is a balance of everything your pet needs for a perfect day:

  • Huge play-yards with plenty of space to run and release all of their energy

  • Carefully selected play-yards allow pets to happily and safely play with friends of a similar energy-level. If your pet is older, or has a reason to be 1-on-1 instead of in the yeards, we can easily accommodate that as well. Cats are always 1-on-1 and are never together with other cats except for same-family members.

  • Fresh water at all times, both in the yards and in their suites

  • A variety of stimulating colors, play-structures, pictures and our fantastic playroom attendants keep your pets engaged and having fun all day long​

French bull dog surrounded by bubbles
  • Climate-controlled yards ensure pups do not get overly-tired from the heat nor feel cold during cooler days and nights

  • Fresh air continuously flows through the play yards. The flow of fresh air creates a calm and relaxing environment for the pups - to the point where there is hardly any barking - just fun-filled, playful, come-get-me barks!

  • Love, care and attention come as standard! Wagging tails and smiling pups say it all!


Come and join the fun! 

We want you and your pup to get to know us, so the first day of daycare is free!

Call us now to get started

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