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To ensure a fantastic stay for all, we need to make sure that pets staying with us are healthy, socialize well with others and that all vaccinations are up to date.

All Vaccinations need to be current




Every 3 years (first vaccination effective for 1 year)

Bordetella (Kennel Cough)

Every 6 months / 1 year (depending on vet & vaccine)

Distemper (DHP/DAP/DHPP)

Every year / 3 years (depending on vet & vaccine)

Fecal testing (Negative Ova/Parasites + Giardia)

Every 6 months / 1 year (depending on vet)

Canine Influenza

Every year (after initial 2 doses)






Every 3 years (first vaccination effective for 1 year)

Every 3 years (first booster effective for 1 year after initial doses)


Vaccines needed for Bathing & Grooming services

- - -

Up to Date Vaccines: For the safety of all pets and staff, Paw Sweet Paw will not accept any dogs or cats for services unless all vaccines are up to date. Fecal & Giardia results for dogs need to be confirmed to be negative (fecal test not required for Baths & Grooms).

Titers: Although we understand that some pets and owners need/prefer titers instead of vaccinations, in order to maintain a common standard of safety, Paw Sweet Paw will not accept titers and all pets must be fully vaccinated for all services.

Illness Prevention: We do our utmost to keep all pets healthy by requiring all vaccines to be up to date and regularly checking all dogs and cats in our care. However, if you feel you pet is not feeling well, please do not bring them into a social daycare and boarding environment keep them at home until they have recovered.

Screening Process - no aggression allowed

Before their first time in daycare or boarding at Paw Sweet Paw, every pet will go through a screening process. This ensures that pets play well and socialize together.

Given that Paw Sweet Paw is an open-play environment, we will have to refuse any pet that shows aggression towards people or other pets. 

- - -

No aggressive pets allowed: For the safety of all pets and staff, Paw Sweet Paw is not the right Pet Hotel for aggressive dogs or cats. We will not be able to accept dogs and cats that show aggression towards members of the Paw Sweet Paw staff. We reserve the right to refuse services for any pup that we consider may pose a risk or hazard to themselves or to others, or that cannot be safely handled.

If your pet can be safely handled by our staff, we can take them in at our Spectrum location.

Dogs need to be Altered by 18 months. Cats by 12 months (Spayed/Neutered)

We know it's difficult to know the "ideal" time to get your pup spayed/neutered. For this reason, we allow pet parents to hold off as much as possible.

Paw Sweet Paw strongly recommends altering your dog by 12 months, but will accept unaltered pups until 18 months old.

For cats, Paw Sweet Paw strongly recommends spaying/neutering them by 6 months, but will accept unaltered kittens until 12 months old.

We will not accept any unaltered pets that are 18 months or older for Boarding or Daycare.

What to Expect After Boarding & Daycare

Coming to Open-Play Boarding & Daycare is very similar to when we go to a Theme Park! Like us, pets have a great time, run around all day and by the end are completely happy - and exhausted - at the same time! We are very aware of this and have plenty of clean water available in all play yards, as well as beds so pets can lie down and relax. 

Cats will have individual playtime, but be continuously stimulated throughout the day, so expect the same when they get home. 

With all the excitement, especially if open-play is new for your pet, it's completely normal for them to be more tired and thirsty than usual. Just give them time to rest and drink plenty of water at home!

Personal items

Yes, you can bring a toy! And yes, you can bring a blanket! When your pet is boarding with us, we believe in making them as comfortable as possible. Please feel free to bring something comforting from home for your pet during their stay at Paw Sweet Paw. 

Please remember to add your pets name to all personal belongings. Extra special or sentimaental items are not recommended as they may get more dirty than usual and if a tag gets lost, the item may get lost too.

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