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We offer great programs to train your pup and teach them all the greatest tricks!

Available at our Spectrum location

Here are just some of the skills taught in Puppy Smart Start:

  • Crate/House training.

  • Common puppy problems - chewing, jumping, play biting.

  • Socialization with dogs, people, and strange objects.

  • Acceptance of a collar and walking on a leash.

  • Introduction to obedience and basic commands.

  • Puppy handling exercises.

Puppy Smart Start

(8 to 16 weeks of age)


Life Skills and Manners

Intermediate training for all your pup (no matter how old!): 

  • Leash walking skills

  • Come when called

  • Hand targeting, name recognition and attention

  • Stop jumping on people

  • Body handling and grooming


For all Training Sessions: 

  • Owners and pups must be registered through our Customer Portal

  • All Vaccines must be up to date (some exceptions for Puppy Training, please check with Staci)

Puppy Smart Start - 5 Classes  |  $250

Life Skills & Manners - 6 Classes  |  $300

Each Class is 50 minutes

After Training, pups can stay for a full day of daycare for 1/2 price ($21)

Owners get all the necessary Training tips & tricks!

Call us with any questions!

Our partner in Training will gladly answer any questions you may have!

Staci Lemke, CPDT-KA, RVT

Dog Training at Paw Sweet Paw
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