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State-of-the-art Bathing & Grooming where your pets will be pampered by our professional bathers and groomers - leaving them looking fantastic and with that yummy smell you love

Watch a quick video of Bathing & Grooming at Paw Sweet Paw

  • Beautiful, comfortable and fully climate-controlled bathing & grooming areas

  • Wide open, see-through windows allow pets to see the outside and not feel cramped or closed in

  • Advanced electric and hydraulic grooming tables come down to ground-level to allow pets to walk right onto the table instead of having to be lifted

  • We only bathe pets with the best and healthiest shampoo options, including hypo-allergenic, deshedding and medicated aloe-vera formulas that leave your pup's coat looking, feeling and smelling absolutely fantastic

  • Don't forget to make sure your pet is upto date with the necessary vaccinations needed for bathing & grooming services. Check the Requirements page to be sure.

Paw Sweet Paw - Grooming.jpg
  • Professional, highly experienced Groomers take the utmost care and pay attention to each detail of your pup's groom and style - from a light trim to full body, breed-specific grooming requests

  • As a final touch to your amazing experience with us, you can take a picture of your pup in our very own cozy photo area! 

Black Dog Before Being Groomed


Black Dog After Being Groomed


Paw Sweet Paw - Bathing.jpg
Paw Sweet Paw - Grooming 2.jpg
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