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Looking for a Family Portrait, Holiday Postcard or beautiful Instagram Picture? You can get them all!


Paw Sweet Paw has partnered with Samuel Lathrop, an amazing Pet Photographer to capture all of these wonderful moments with your pup.


Sam has established his photography career with high-profile athletes and personalities and is now applying his skills to create wonderful portraits and artistic renderings of your pet. Multiple options to get a professional picture of your pup are available:


  • Professional studio shoots are available for your pup(s) or for an entire family portrait! These are stunning, high-definition, professionally edited pictures that can be printed on canvas, acrylic or even metal.
    | Get in touch below for pricing

  • Artistic creations are the creme-de-la-creme of Sam's photography, where your pup is brought to life with artistic renderings & enhancements.
    Get in touch below
     for pricing

Photographer surrounded by dogs
Pet artistic photos

Photo shoots are available at our Spectrum location.

To schedule a shoot or discuss these options in more detail, please click below to get in touch with Samuel

Samuel Lathrop Photography
Dog getting photographed
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