Great services,

straight-forward pricing

1 Night  |  $59

7+ Nights  |  $54

14+ Nights  |  $49

Rates for a 24h period (Includes a full day of Daycare)

10% discount per additional sibling

Daycare after boarding @ 1/2 price even for full day

For long stays, card will be charged every 2 weeks and credited towards total balance

          1 Day  |  $39

      10 Days  |  $35

      20 Days  |  $30

      30 Days  |  $27

*Price per Day. Multi-day packages do not have to be consecutive days

10% discount per additional sibling

Half-days at 1/2 price (up to 4h)

Late pick-up fee of $10 per 10 minutes after closing time

Sweet Tidy-up

Deshedding with Furminator Shampoo helps reduce shedding for double/thick-coat breeds

*De-shedding will be a required service for all Samoyeds and Huskies that are visibly shedding

Small Breeds 

Yorkie, Maltese, Toy Poodles and similar

(up to 25lb)

Warm oxygenating bubble bath

+ Eyes & ears cleaned

+ Hypo-allergenic & premium shampoos

+ Finishing Hand-blow drying

All of the above +

+ Nails trimmed

+ Teeth brushed

+ Anal glands expressed (as needed)

All of the above +

+ Tidy-up around Eyes & Ears

+ Tidy-up Sani-area (under tail)

+ Tidy-up Paws (no legs or body)

All of the above +

+ Full face & body groom

+ Hand scissoring

+ Breed specific cuts

Regular Bath

Sweet Bath

Sweet Groom

Medium Breeds 

Schnauzer, Cocker Spaniel and similar

(25lb - 50lb)

Large Breeds 

Retrievers, Huskeys, Doodles and similar

(50lb +)













Applying dematting conditioner, Massaging, brushing & combing to remove matts around the body.

*An extra $10 will be applied to all Poodles/Doodles for extra time, brushing & conditioner

Deshedding & Furminator



Additional Bathing & Grooming Services

Dental Scaling

Deep cleaning of teeth to remove accumulated plaque & improve gum hygiene.
*Scaling may not remove all plaque on first visit and pup may require a vet visit if sedation is necessary for full cleaning.




Front & Back

Small Breeds

Medium Breeds


Large Breeds



Medicated/flea shampoo, Teeth brushing, Ear cleaning, Nail trim, Sani, Pads



Boarding Brush-out

If your pup gets brushed regularly to avoid matting, they can continue to get brushed during their stay with us. Price is for each full body brush-out.

Front & Back Severe


Small Breeds


Medium Breeds


Large Breeds


"Poodle" feet (tight trim of hair in and around paws - can be for any breed)





Severe Dematting

** Severe matts are deep matts, very close or stuck to skin that will take multiple conditioner applications and extra time

All prices subject to change

No refunds after 1 year

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